Birgit Scherzer

Foto: Günther Egger

Choreographer and director

Born at Stollberg/Erzgebirge, Germany.

Birgit Scherzer made the decision she wanted to dance at age 9. She auditioned for the Palucca School in Dresden, where they taught a classical and contemporary based dance curriculum. She was accepted and eventually graduated with a diploma as a dancer.

From 1976 to 1981 she was a dancer and Apprentice Choreographer at the Landestheater Halle. In 1981 she auditioned for the Komische Oper Berlin by performing a pas de deux of her own creation.  She was hired as a dancer and choreographer. While at the Komische Oper her choreography was recognized with awards in 1983 and 1987 as well as a special award from the Confederation of Creative Theatre, German Democratic Republic, and in 1988 the Critics´ Prize from Berliner Zeitung for Keith.

Ms. Scherzer remained at the Komische Oper until 1989, when she made the very srious decision to leave East Germany. She was to pursue a freelance career,  taught at the College of Music and Drama in Saarbrücken, and in 1991 she was appointed the Director and Choreographer of Saarbrücken Staatstheater Ballet. With that company she has toured her works in Germany, to Switzerland, Luxembourg, France,Iceland, Austria.

2000 to 2006 she was working as a freelance choreographer and director of opera in Europe and USA. 2001 she became a Professor at the College of Drama and Choreography Ernst Busch Berlin.

She is also a jury-member of some wellknown ballet-competitions (Hannover, Luxembourg, Stuttgart)

2006 to 2009 she was appointed the Director and Choreographer of  Tanztheater des Tiroler Landestheaters Innsbruck in Austria.

She did for example:

“Keith”, “Requiem!!”, “Franz Woyzeck”, “Schwanensee”, “Frauen-Männer-Paare” for Komische Oper Berlin

„Kaspar Hauser“, „Mein Ithaka-Odysseus“, „Abgeschminkt“ for Aalto Balett Theater Essen

„Romeo und Julia“ , „Carmina burana“, „Kassandra-Blaubart“, „Ende.Aus.Faust.“, „sturm im mund- janis joplin“, „Orfeo ed Euridice“, „Dali-der große Masturbator“ for Saarländisches Staatstheater Saarbrücken

„Winterreise“ for Staatstheater Nürnberg

„Requiem!!“, „ x-file:m.e.s.s.i.a.h.” for BalletMet, Columbus/Ohio

“Carneval des Animaux”, “L´Histoire du Soldat” in Basel, St. Moritz/Suisse

“Requiem!!” for nbt/ GB

“Carmen-Don Juan”, “Alles weiss ich-alles “ / Ringmotive, “Tanzen und Wandern”, “Das Blaue vom Himmel”,"Orfeo ed Euridice" for Tiroler Landestheater Innsbruck

„Hoffmanns Erzählungen“, „Requiem“, „Alles weiss ich-alles“ / Ringmotive for Theater Trier

"A Clockwork Orange" for Theater Kiel, "Frauen-Männer-Paare" for Staatstheater Schwerin.

"The voyage" for Theater Trier, „anywhere me“ in Southafrica aso.

Birgit Scherzer has also produced films of her choreography, including The Dying Swan, Carmina burana, Kassandra- Blaubart

Having spent 3 years as the director of Tanztheater des Tiroler Landestheaters she has decided to resign from that position in order to spend more time as a creator of new and exciting dance works. Since 2009 she pursued once again a freelance career. Since 2017 she is general manager at Allee Theater Hamburg